Dictionary of English (Devnagri) to Sindhi (English To Sindhi)

The first letter, A A negative prefix answering to im, in, dis, &c.
The third vowel, a shot i.
The fifth vowel, a short u
This, he.
A swallow.
Of or belonging to one’s father, paternal.
Erect, upright, ready.
To invert, pervert, turn inside out.
The being wrong or contrary, the reverse, the wrong side of cloth &c.
Perversely, in a contrary manner, upside down. उबतड़ि सुबतड़ि اُبتڙِ سُبتڙِ Higgledy piggledy, topsy turvy.
Name of a plant, the seeds of which adhere to one’s clothes Achyranthes Aspera.
Reversed, upside down, backwards, adverse, contrary, inverted.
Higgledy piggledy, in confusion, inside out, topsy turvy.
The open hem in which a string runs.
Surprise, wonder, astonishment.
Talc, mica.
Uselessly, vainly, profitless, useless.
Piebald, black and white.
To stand, stop.
Father, a child. अबेपिटायो ابي پِٽايو Adj. One who causes an ill name or abuse to his father by annoying or injuring others.
A fee, due.
Idle tales, stories. Adj. Difficult.
Lightly, without pressing down as in filling away any vessel &c.
To scatter or let fall through the fingers as salt on meat &c. to pepper.
Steam, vapor, miasma, a light flying cloud.
To boil, seethe. To save, preserve.
The boiling up any liquid, a boil. खीर जो ओबा॒रो کير جو اوٻارو. The boiling of milk, used to define a hasty tempered person who quickly calms down again.
A yawner.
A yawn.
Merciless, unfeeling, unmerciful, without pity.
One destitute of friends or relations, forlorn, protectorless.
Sorrow, sadness, dejection, melancholy.
Sorrowful, sad, dejected, dispirited, melancholy.
A composition of perfumed flour &c. used to rub the body with.
To boil. To have a tendency to soreness the eyes. S To be left or remain over, be saved.
A retching, inclination to vomit.
Retching, crying, sighing.
To retch, to cry, sigh.
A poor weak woman.
Great eagerness, haste, impatience.
One in a hurry, precipitate, hasty, eager, impatient.
Unacquainted with, not conversant with, ignorant, stupid.
Loss, detriment.
The heavens, air.
The heavens, sky.
To erect, make to stand, raise.
Ill-luck, misfortune.
Unfortunate, unprosperous.
Reproach, reproaching, upbraiding.
To boil up, boil over.
Lean, thin, penniless, poor.
The east.
Of the east, eastern, easterly.
To rise as the sun, to spring up as a plant. उभिरी वठणु اُڀري وٺڻُ To bring out some calumny against one, come on one suddenly.
On tip toe.
Unerring, faultless.
To stand, stop.
Heavy breathing, a sigh, asthma.
Practice, study.
Pride, arrogance, haughtiness.
Proud, haughty.
A remedy, expedient.
Produce, production, profit.
That which produces pain or trouble, annoyance, nuisance, confusion or alarm.
A troublesome fellow.
Boundless, infinite, unlimited.
By accident, accidentally.
To earn, gain. To create, produce, beget, generate. To bale out water.
The creator.
Productive, profitable, prolific, fruitful.
Produce, revenue, income.
Disclosing, divulging, the being made known.
To draw out, cause to disclose, investigate.
To open, uncover, expand.
Dishonor, disgrace.
To create, engender, generate.
past part. उपनो اُپنو To be produced, engendered, created.
A fairy, elf.
Advice, admonition, precept, teaching.
Free from anxiety or thought.
Sin, crime.
A criminal, a sinner.
Receipts, income, means of livelihood.
To grow up, increase, improve, get better.
See उपिड़णु اُپِڙڻُ.
A bad omen, a portent.
Benevolence, kindness, favor.
Kind, benevolent, obliging.
Unchecked, not to be stopped.
Name of a stringed musical instrument.
To accompany any one a short way on taking leave.
imper. उपिणु اُپِڻُ To sift, separate dirt from grain &c. by shaking it up in a sieve, winnow.
What does not agree with another, impertinent, unbecomingly unsuitable, unfit.
Impure, polluted, defiled.
Pollution, defilement.
There, at that place.
Slovenly, mean, wanting honor or respect, disreputable, poor, penniless.

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