Dictionary of English (Devnagri) to Sindhi (English To Sindhi)

Instantly, outright, on the spot.
A kind of wheaten cake with ghee in it.
To talk in sleep.
A report, rumor.
Light though large, lightly or without pressure.
A written recognizance, a bond of agreement.
The eye, the bud of a plant, any small perforation or spot as on dice. अखि उथणु اک اُٿڻُ, To have sore eyes. अखि वेड़ाइणु or वचुड़ाइणु يا ويچُڙائڻُ اکِ ويڙائڻُ, To ogle, throw eyes at one.
A twinkling of the eye.
Not fit to eat.
Issuing forth, disclosure, publicity.
To issue, go forth, become public or known. v. a. To grave, carve.
That can not be lifted or borne, unwieldy.
A letter of the alphabet, a word, syllable, a written voucher.
Having eyes or spots.
The flying at one in a rage, rush, onset, assault.
One who knows the letters. adj. Literal.
A mortar. The slip of wood fixed on bottom of a door frame in which the corner of door plank works as a hinge.
To be torn up, broken up, be dislocated a joint, be loosened.
A walnut.
One who sees into futurity, who knows mysteries, a seer.
To be extracted, separated, crack, peel of, be broken, untied, uprooted, loosened, ripped, to unfold.
Unbroken, entire, unceasingly.
the 3rd day after full moon in the month Wisakh, being the first day of the Satya Yug the first age kept as a festival.
A mesh of a net. An offering of grain thrown by Hindus into water or given to mendicants, an oblation. अखोफुलो اکو ڦُلو, A small offering to a mendicant. अखो पाइणु اکو پائڻُ, To make an offering.
A hood for the eyes of an ox etc.
To disjoin, loosen, uproot.
The name of a coinage of rupees which come from Jesulmeer.
To untie, disjoin, separate, to pull up or out, rip, unfold, untwine, untwist, unwind, unravel, unstring.
A hood put over the eyes of an ox, camel etc. in working.
To leer.
The curled flowered gigantic swallow root Calotropis Procera.
Useless, uselessly, vainly, to no end.
To drive an animal.
To take down, cause to descend, to accompany or escort, to settle a dispute.
Stained or burnt with the juice of the aku tree gigantic swallow root.
To pester, bother, plague, trouble.
A kind of sweetmeat in form of a cake.
The fruit of the curled flowered gigantic swallow root Calotropis Propecra.
Longing for, yearning after.
Neuter in grammar.
past part. उखते or उकर्यो اُکتي يا اُکريو To grave, engrave. L To descend, issue, go out, pass over.
Past Part: उखतो or उकिर्यो اُکتو يا اُڪِريو v. a. To cut, engrave, carve. L To descend, issue, come out, pass over.
Engraving, graving.
A wild bush of which the leaves are used as a vegetable.
Malignity, spite, malice, grudge.
To settle, complete.
To be finished, completed, settled. To issue, come forth.
A locust.
Longing for a meeting with, desire for, yearning after.
To long for, yearn.
To be bothered, wearied, sick, harassed, worried.
By the heap, in the lump.
Misfortune, difficulty.
An odd number.
Useless, uselessly, vainly, to no end.
Abundant, plentiful.
A species of Hyosyamus whose leaves are smoked to produce intoxication.
A Day on which it is considered by women unlucky to spin or sew. There are three such in the week, viz. Sunday, Wednesday and Friday.
Wood of aloes. A kind of wooden bowl kept by shopkeepers before them for putting money &c. into, a till, tiller.
Nauseousness. The breaking up of wind from a full stomach, a belch.
Nauseous, unpleasant.
To be entangled as in wrestling, to be entwined or twined together as trees.
Infallible, unerring.
Slovenliness, untidiness.
Slovenly, filthy, untidy. अगलो اگلو a slattern, slut.
Inscrutable, not to be perceived, in conceivable.
Name of a bird, a kind of lark.
A Blockhead.
See उघड़ اُگهڙ.
To make naked, lay bare, strip, disclose, expose, draw a sword.
Naked, drawn a sword, void of shame, indecent.
To be sold, to be successful, come to profit, succeed.
To weaken, become weak. To be sold.
Weakness, instability, feebleness.
To be open, unclosed or bare, publicness, disclosing, nakedness.
To be sold, to come to profit, be successful, be granted, bring forth fruit.
imper. उघु اُگهُه To wipe, wipe up or out.
Market rate, price.
Weak, feeble.
A list of market rates, a tariff.
The order or duties of an Aghori q. v.. adj. or adv. Deep, sound sleep, pitch dark night, frightful, terrible, awful.
An order of religious mendicants who eat everything however filthy, a gross, dirty eater, one senseless from liquor or intoxicating drugs.
To be opened, disclosed, laid bare.
A piece of cloth used as towel or handkerchief or fastened round the waist when bathing.
Freedom from care.
Free from care, without care, at ease.
Senseless, stupid, dull, ignorant.
The body.
A disease of the teeth or gums, in which blood flows. A kind of destructive weed that springs up in grain fields, the soil in which such weed springs up. Smut or blackness in ripening corn.
A bruise in sole of foot from walking.
A coal, in plu. Charcoal.
A finger’s breadth.
The court yard in front of a house, a yard.

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