Dictionary of English (Devnagri) to Sindhi (English To Sindhi)

Care, anxiety.
With zeal, hard-working, industrious.
Zealous, industrious, hardworking.
Ignoble, poor, of no ability.
A brother.
Unfortunate, luckless.
A sister.
Shelter, protection.
A glutton.
To rip, become undone, burst.
To rip, burst, unstitch, unripe.
Lineage, root, the nature acquired by one’s origin, the habit or custom of one’s ancestors and family.
That which stands in the place, the second with a half, to the amount of two and a half a partner &c.
With an addition of one and a half, one and a half times greater.
To leave off grinding at the mill, to gather up the flour thrown out by the mill.
Of two and a half, two and a half fold.
One and a half time greater.
The adding one and a half, the two and a half.
Two and a half.
Unmannerliness, the wanting manners or proper behavior, misbehavior.
Wanting manners, unmannerly, ill-behaved, in a bad manner or style, bad, of no use.
Limit, boundary, rank, height.
The adding one and a half, the tow and a half.
One and a half times greater.
The water course which conveys the water from wheel through the fields. Building, erecting, a building.
A flight, flying.
To fly.
Building, a building.
To cause to fly, to squander, lavish, waste.
A spendthrift, extravagant, prodigal, wasteful.
Building, a building.
Building, erecting, a building.
To fly.
Fear, dread.
Fear, dread.
To erect, build, to build up.
A pattern, form, breadth, speaking of cloth. The edge or rim of a boat. The pegs on which the threads are laid out in preparing the warp of a web for the loom. A bundle or hank of yarn.
That will not shake or move.
A white ant.
A block for chopping on, a rail running across the bottom part of a turner’s lathe on which his feet are placed.
An awatara of the river Indus, to whose shrine was near Hyderabad pilgrimages are made.
Half used in composition. The gunnels or gunwale of a boat.
Half, moiety.
Contracted or incomplete in writing or speaking, with contractions.
Leaving out half letters or words, contractedly in speaking or writing. s. f. Contracted or incomplete writing.
Loan, money lent, tick, credit.
To borrow, take on loan. S To save, deliver from.
On loan, lent, borrowed, on credit.
Without support or prop, forlorn.
Unrighteousness, irreligion, impiety.
Unrighteous, impious, irreligious.
The half of a split cake, in plu. Dates halved and dried.
The sixteenth part of a pice or half a damri. Half a guz.
In intercalary month.
Half finished, incomplete.
The weight suspended below a loom to weigh down and keep fixed the warp rods or slips of wood passing between the threads.
A piece of stick placed in a wall on which to rest a beam.
To increase, augment.
In halves. s. m. A half sharer.
Half finished, incomplete, imperfect.
A kind of fine cotton cloth.
One half percent.
Half worm out, old.
Half finished, incomplete, unfinished.
A skin of leather of cow or buffalo.
Half finished, incomplete, imperfect.
A kind of headache.
Half finished, incomplete.
Profit and loss.
A chapter, section.
Hasty, impatient.
A slip of wood running across the side ribs of a boat.
Half a pice.
A half rupee piece.
Subject, dependent.
A good memory, sharp faculties, quickness of understanding, perspicacity.
A waste, desert, wild, wilderness. Adj. waste, desolate.
Intention, design, purpose.
A thousand millions.
The head man of a village of husbandmen.
Oblique, across from one angle to another, diagonally.
Flower and water mixed together and put into soup to thicken it. Jumbo and Barley flower boiled up in water and given to camels to cool blood.
A yellow color dyed from safflower, a red dye prepared from lac.
For the sake of, because of.
Meaning, signification, object, design.
An example, illustration.
Evidence, the signature or mark of a witness.
A Persian wheel for raising water with, a spinning wheel.
The instrument with which the seed is separated from the cotton.
A petition, supplication, an offering to fakirs.
Palsy affecting one side or the upper or lower part of the body, hemiplegy.
Paralytic, palsied.
A large kind of snake.
Great and weighty.
The steps or little cross sticks between the ropes to which the pots of a water wheel are attached.
A flag or pulverizing things on.

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