Dictionary of English (Devnagri) to Sindhi (English To Sindhi)

To copy, take a copy.
A copy.
Thence, from that place or time.
To or in that place, there, thence, from that place or time.
Surprising, amazing, wonderful, wonderfully.
Confidence, trust, belief.
The north. An answer. Anything given to complete the value of another exchanged, boot.
Of the North, dwelling to the North.
The summer solstice, a Hindu festival kept on that day.
The summer solstice.
Unconcernedly, without taking interest in, without zeal, carelessly.
Ignobleness, meanness.
Very much, immensely, exceedingly, thoroughly.
Over, across, off, down from, after, in succession to. Thence, from that place.
To say, tell.
A retching, inclination to vomit.
From that place or time, thence.
The marking cloth with lines by pressing on it a heated iron instrument.
Without weight or beyond what can be weighed.
On, upon. Adv. There.
One born in a family in immediate succession to another, brothers, next in age to each other.
Dysentery, diarrhea.
The second year or month after present, the month &c. after next.
Above, upper.
Thence, from that place, there, in that place.
Hence, from this place or time. Here.
A camel.
Increase or extension beyond what is usual, enlargement, prolixity.
The entire world.
A kind of saucer or bowl. Adj. Camel-footed, a light quick traveler.
Sordid, niggardly. An idle talker, a false story teller. s. m. A week. Adj. Of eight days; a child born after 8 months’ carriage.
A thought, reflection, fancy, estimate. An account showing the state of cultivation and amount of entire conceits in a purgunah. A kind of general account. Adv. By estimate, at an estimate.
Of 800 threads, a kind of cloth with 800 threads in woof.
Difficult, trying
Octagon, octangular.
Eighth day of the Moon’s age after both changes of new and full.
To fall rain, to rain. To be produced, spring up.
The figure eight.
Eight above or more than prefixed to सउ سؤ &c. to express 108 &c.
Eight above or more than one hundred &c. eight percent.
A knavish fellow, one up to all kinds of roguery.
Eight times more, eight-fold.
The eight-fold, eight times more or greater.
Eight above or more than used as a prefix to hundreds &c.
Rising and sitting.
To cause to rise, to rouse, stimulate.
Thence, from that place, there, to or in that place.
The time of rising, morning.
Bottomless, unfathomable.
A rebound.
A rebound, hop.
To be knocked away, kicked off, removed from its position with a sudden force. To rebound, glance off, ricochet. To be raised up or opened out as is done to the tobacco in a pipe to make it draw. To be dismissed, turned out, removed. To die in numbers, as
Contradiction, differing in opinion.
Not easily wearied, possessing power of endurance.
The not being easily wearied, the power of enduring labor.
A flood, inundation. Trampling on. Interchange of civilities, familiar correspondence.
Tossing about, disordering.
To turn over, reverse, upset.
To be turned over, reversed, upset, to overflow or rise till it rushed over any spot the river, to turn back.
imper. उथु or उथिउ اُٿُ يا اُٿِيءُ To get up, rise, be caused or occasioned.
Property, possession, goods.
Thence, from that place.
Thence, from that place.
To knock or throw off with a kick or sharp blow, remove by a knock &c. To cause to rebound, glance off or ricochet. To clear out, open as the tube of a pipe to make it draw. To cause to be turned out, dismissed, removed. To excoriate, peel off.
The time of rising, morning.
Hence, from here. Here.
The kick of an animal backwards.
Infrangible, indissoluble,
Inevitable, not to be turned from a purpose, obstinate, stubborn, preserving, unflinching, unyielding.
Hindrance, obstruction.
Hindrance, obstruction, checking, stopping, obstacle.
Stop, prevention, hindrance, detention, impediment, obstacle.
To stop, hinder, prevent, impede, fasten, not down.
Guess, supposition, conjecture.
To guess, conjecture.
One who guesses or conjectures. adv. By guessing.
To be stopped, checked, to hesitate, falter, be caught, fastened.
To retort, throw back.
Opposing, contradictory, on the contrary.
To return or fall back to former place.
The seed of Acanthoduim Hirtum used in medicine.
To end or break a friendship.
Goods and chattels, property.
A piece of string to tie with.
Whole flour, meal.

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