Dictionary of English (Devnagri) to Sindhi (English To Sindhi)

A wrapper of cloth, a pack-cloth.
Past part. of विहणु وِهڻ.
Flat bottomed, not round or globular.
To spill, spread about, scatter.
Nearness, proximity, vicinity.
Near, contiguous prep. declinable near, close by.
A charm for discovering a thief.
A physician, doctor.
Of a physician, medical.
Thinking, consideration, thought, explanation, representation.
Helplessness, necessity.
To ponder on, to meditate, reflect.
Helpless, unfortunate, forlorn.
Thoughtful, considerate.
Interstice, distance between any two things or places.
A space, distance between two things or places, interval.
A rolled up cloth etc. put between two bundles of grain at the buttaee to prevent them mixing. A go-between, an intercessor, mediator, any thing interposed as a separation.
A useless creature.
A Veda, the original Hindu scriptures.
A physician, a doctor.
Of a physician, medical.
The science of medicine.
A certain form of words repeated or read by the Brahmans at a marriage. An altar.
Pain, sorrow, grief.
To perforate, pierce.
The flood or rise of the tide, full tide.
A hero, champion, warrior, a demon.
An enemy, for or वेरि وير. Time, turn.
Enmity, hatred.
Vindictive, revengeful.
Time, delay.
To perform tricks as having been seized by a demon.
To take revenge.
Desolate, waste.
Barrenness, desolation.
Of a hero, warrior or brave man.
Revengeful, vindictive.
A hole dug in the dry bed of a river etc. for getting water from, a water pit. A well. The division, a party wall or boundary wall or fence between the grounds round adjoining houses.
To cause to fight. To cause to wrap up.
To wrap, wrap up, fold, roll, encircle, surround, besiege, envelope, entwine. To cause to fight.
Fighting, quarrelling, thick, dense grove of trees. A thicket.
Surrounding, besieging, seizing, encircling. A kind o plain finger ring.
One fond of fighting, a fighter. Quarrelsome. A brave man, bold, warlike.
A division or quarter of a town, a scroll, a roll, or thing rolled up a clew of thread. An enclosure. A boat’s rope for working the sail with.
A ball of thread.
Disguise, personating.
Forgetful, mindless.
Faithlessness, treachery, deceit, perfidy. adj. Faithless, deceitful.
Name of a month, part April and part May.
The day on which the sun passes into Aries, kept as a festival.
A pause for rest, halt, recreation.
A pause, rest, a halt for.
A shark.
To trust, believe, have confidence in.
Trust, confidence, belief, reliance, credit.
Trustworthy, faithful.
Trustworthy, honest. s. f. A pause, rest, place for rest.
Faithful, honest, freer from deceit.
Forgetfulness, oblivion.
Neglect, forgetness. adj. Forgetful.
Trust, confidence, belief.
Money given daily for prepared food, messing expenses, messing.
The twentieth sprat of a bigah.
A sectary or follower of Vishnu.
Defect, fault, blemish, failing.
Breadth, width.
Unsound, defective, showing another’s faults, censorious.
For sale, saleable.
One who searches for faults, censorious.
A line of latitude.
Width, broad, ample, spacious, loose, wide apart, roomy.
For sale.
A stranger. Adj. stranger, without protector or owner.
Strange, foreign, of another.
Lost, abandoned.
Lost, missing.
Time, delay, a length.
Time, season.
Misfortune, evil.
The fortunate time, as judged from the planets for the performance of any act. Horoscope.
A bubo.
To roll paste or dough with rolling pin to flatten it.
Idle, unemployed, disengaged at leisure. Empty, quick, rapid.
Voracity. A pain of the bowels.
Time, fasting. Hunger.
Bringing forth young, childbirth. The delivery of a child.
Insurance or rather the risk insured.
To take an insurance.
Supplication, entreaty, prayer, beseeching.
One of a trade who cut seals and precious stones, perforate pearls etc. an engraver, a polisher of gems. A very clever or ingenious person.
To increase, become greater in extent, not size, thrive.
A kind of finger ring. Also nose ring.
A king of finger ring. A species of ear ring.
Beautiful, handsome.
Cutting out clothes. Laying out ground for any purpose with marks and divisions.
Abuse, ill language.

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