Dictionary of English (Devnagri) to Sindhi (English To Sindhi)

To abuse, give abuse.
A boat’s tiller.
About twenty.
To sit.
Twenty. s. f. a score.
The figure or number twenty. Adj. with twenty or and twenty prefixed to सउ سؤ etc. to express 120 etc..
And twenty or with twenty prefixed to सउ سؤ etc. to express 120 etc.
The keeper of a pasture ground. adj. Of a pasturage.
A hole dug in the dry bed of a river etc. to get water from , a water pit.
Cutting out clothes.
To cut out clothes.
Search, enquiry, looking for.
To seek , look for, enquire after, search for.
The first of the semivowels.
O! used in addressing the deity or any sacred person.
A stout pony, a Galloway, chiefly those brought from Khorasan.
A depraved woman.
A brothel.
A memorandum, list, inventory.
Memory, recollection, remembrance.
A friend, lover, paramour, gallant.
An associating to gather for any purpose, as in messing traveling etc.
Friendship, intimacy.
The 11th night of the lunar month kept as a Muslim festival in honor of Pir Mahiydin Abdul Kadir Gillani.
Name of the number eleven.
The eleven fold.
Eleven fold, or eleven times.
Friendship, love.
A ruby, garnet.
Rebel, insurgent.
Lecherous, lustful.
A brothel, bawdy house.
past part. यधो يڌو. To be in state of copulation. To be wearied.
Advice, word, speech.
An orphan.
Stoutness, lustiness.
Fate, stout, corpulent, plump.
Past part. of यहणु يهڻ.
Very old, superannuated.
A tent with one pole adj. One-poled.
The ace in cards. Adj. alone, single.
imper. यहु يَههُ past part. यधो يَههُ to copulate.
Copulation, venery.
A Jew.

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