Dictionary of English (Devnagri) to Sindhi (English To Sindhi)

The elbow.
Manners, habits, disposition, a trait.
An offering of milk &c. made to the moon on the fourth day of its age. A Distilled liquor.
Dried up, scorched.
Name of a bird of prey.
Anxiety, solicitude, care, sorrow, concern, vexation.
To be anxious, concerned, sorrowful, to fret, be vexed, dispirited, disquieted.
A kind of woolen cloth.
A camel after its fourteenth year.
Unlawfulness, unfairness.
Unjustly or unlawfully acquired, obtained by violence or theft, unlawful, unrightfully, unrightfully.
An anvil.
To be dissatisfied or discontented.
Dissatisfaction, unwillingness.
To be dissatisfied, unwilling, loath, discontented.
Of the fourth day from the present either past or future.
On the fourth day from the present either past or future.
The chest, breast.
Dissatisfied, discontented, unwilling, unwillingly.
A tooth or cog in a wheel. The spoke of a wheel. Adj. well, in health, happy.
The soul, spirit, mind, desire, for.
To apply the mind or thoughts. To be tangled, involved.
A large kind of snake.
A dunghill, heap of dirt.
used in calling or addressing an inferior Ho! Holla! Sirrah!
Thence, from that place, there, to or in that place.
Oblique, diagonally.
Power of charming way pains by blowing on the spot, brushing it with skirt &c.
Crooked in disposition, perverse.
A camp flower.
To be caught by any thing, to be stopped, to stick, to be worried. अड़णुपड़णु اڙڻُ پڙڻُ To be quits, to be equal.
The bale or load of anything suspended on one side of a camel or other beast of burden.
A method of tripping in wrestling, a false charge, accusation or claim entangling another. inter. Ho! Hallo! for calling a woman, as अड़े اڙي for man. अड़ी डि॒अणु اڙِي ڏيڻُ to lift one by the instep on a horse &c. अड़ी हणणु اڙِي هڻڻُ To drive the heels int
To be very thirsty, or constantly requiring drink.
Involuntarily, to excess used in speaking of evacuations.
Goods and chattels.
Name of a wood or leaf used for dying yellow.
Seed of fleawort or plantain Platango Ispaghul.
Lucerne grass.
Disorderedly, confusedly, in confusion, scattered.
A teacher, a school master, Preceptor, headman among artisan, a skillful person.
Of or belonging to a master, masterly, skillful.
Expertness, skill, skillfulness.
Praise, applause.
Praise, applause.
Experience, practice, exercise.
The future tense.
A master, a headman among artisans.
A woman. Adj. Feminine gender.
Feminine gender
Defiled, impure, polluted or Adv. Incorrect.
One who does not believe in the Hindu religion or follow its institutions. s. m. Day break, dawn. A Impression, effect.
To be very thirsty, or constantly requiring drink.
What causes amazement, a demon, evil spirit, demonology, witchcraft, sorcery.
A wizard, enchanter, sorcerer.
To spring up, rise as a plant, building &c. to grow.
Immaterial, spiritual.
To be wearied with waiting for or expecting.
A boy’s play perfumed by moon-light.
An eruptive disease of the skin.
A number, place or head in any account or list, the portion of one in any distribution. A charm, incantation. An offering, a fee.
Wanting power or strength, impotent.
Innumerable, incalculable.
To go, depart, a respectful term.
Thoroughly, completely, wholly. S adj. Unbearable, covetous, jealous.
Name of a Hindu month, part September and part October.
A wart, a mole or small fleshy excrescence.
One mounted a horsemint.
Honest, upright, sincere.
plu. Of आंऊं اسانئُون We.
Eighty fold, eighty times more or greater.
Of eighty fold.
Hint, sign.
A sign, signal, beckoning, cue, hint.
A proclamation, notice, circular order.
A respectable person, one of good character.
plu. Of तूं تون Immaterial, spiritual.
Bravo! Well done! A s. m. Love.
A false charge, accusation or claim. Or इश्कीलु اِشڪيلُ. shackles connection one fore and one hind foot of an animal.
One who brings forward false accusations or claims.
A master, lord.
An eruptive disease of the skin. A Original cause, principle, stock, an original writing.
Originally, original, primitive.
Natural, of or by nature, originally, original, in the least, at all.
A deposition, explanation, statement. Adj. Public, known.
Remedy, help.
A court yard, ground in front of or about a house.
Knowledge, manners.
Unprofitable, unprofitably, useless, vain, vainly.
Rumor, report.
An interjectional expression used to a person coughing to avert the cough.

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