Dictionary of English (Devnagri) to Sindhi (English To Sindhi)

The piece of stick knocked in the play of itia dakara. A piece of ivory for rubbing the edges of books in binding, smoothing paper with &c. इटिअड॒कर or इटिअडी॒के जी रांदि اِٽيءَ ڏڪر يا اِٽيءَ ڏِيڪي جي راند A kind of boy’s play, cat and dog or species of c
Goods and chattels.
Proving, establishing by evidence.
Impression, effect.
An officer who collects duties on goods, a custom collector.
To polish, brighten, make splendid or famous.
Duty on goods, custom.
Bright, splendid, famous, illustrious.
Waste, desolate. s. f. A waste, desolation.
To desolate, waste, lay waste.
Without profit, useless, vain, unavailing, fruitlessly, ineffectual, gratuitously, frivolously, nonsensical, nonsensically, groundless, groundlessly.
A limb. Fancy, idea.
Incombustible, indigestible.
Excuse. Mourning for the death of any one.
A kind of fancy colored sheet or shawl worn over head or shoulder by Muslims.
To be bright, splendid, famous.
A flock of sheep or goats.
Desolate, ruined, waste.
To be desolate, to be waste.
Dishonor, infamy, disgrace.
Not filled, in want. Ill behaved, unmannerly.
Unexpectedly, unintentionally, unawares. adj. Mysterious.
Bright, clean.
Brightness, clearness, cleanness.
Inferior, of less value, beauty &c.
Impetuous, who cannot be checked, irresistible, unbearable, unchecked, uncontrollable, ungovernable.
Deep, immense, intense.
To be extinguished, go out.
To extinguish, put out, quench, calm, quiet.
To wander about idly, be lost, ruined.
To be extinguished, put out, done up as with fatigue.
Protection, defense, shelter, refuge, asylum, cover, sanctuary.
Fem. इझा اِجھا Present, here, this, instantly, directly, now, used in indication this one, this very one.
Fem. उझा اُجھا That person, that one, that very one.
Reward, pay for labor.
Unfit, improper, incompetent.
Unfitness, unsuitableness.
Sir! O Sir!
Invincible, unconquered, un conquerable.
Indigestion, adj. Undigested.
Unconquerable, unconquered. s. f. Defeat, failure of conquest.
As yet, still, hardly, scarcely, yet. अञा सूधो-तोणी اڃا سوڌو-توڻي & Ditto.
To thirst, be thirsty.
To cause to thirst, make thirst.
Today. s. f. Today.
Today or tomorrow, in a day or two. s. f. Procrastination.
Ignorant, uninformed.
Assiduity, endeavors, industry, exertion, zeal, perseverance.
With zeal, hard working, industriously.
Zealous, diligent, industrious.
To be woven.
To please, suit, agree with one’s taste or fancy.
Of today, fresh.
Of today, today’s, fresh.
Coming and going.
Suddenly, unexpectedly, unaware.
To raise up anything trailing on the ground, tuck up.
To have a spite or ill will against any one, give pain, tyrannize over.
Wonder, astonishment. adj. wonderful.
Wonder, astonishment. adj. Wonderful.
Fixed, immoveable, motionless, stationary.
imper. आउ or अचु آءُ يا اچُ, past part. आयो آيو, present part ईंदो ايندو. To Come.
Excellent, good.
Senseless, thoughtless, stupefied, incautious.
Thoughtlessness, inadvertence, carelessness.
Anything spread out and extending over considerable space, as a flood of water, a body of clouds, a large desolate plain.
Wish, desire. Kindness, pity.
Lightly, loosely, without zeal, laxly, with a light hand, slight, slightly, superficial, superficially.
A leap, bound.
To have a tendency to white, to appear white. v. a. To make white or clean.
Whiteness, clearness, distinctness.
In a moment, suddenly, with a snatch.
Not touched, intact, pure, clean.
Purity, cleanness.
A palm full of water given by Brahmans in return for alms.
A letter of alphabet, a syllable.
That will not give up or abandon, steadfast.
That cannot be pounded, or bruised.
A kind of Rice or Jawari of a white color.
Casting, throwing, a throw, a cast or throw of dice, springing up, tossing up, agitation, a jerk.
To cast away, throw, fling. To cause to be agitated, to toss up and down.
To cast away, throw. v. n. To spring up, be tossed up, be agitated, spout up.
See उछिलणु, उछिलाइणु اُڇِلڻُ، اُڇِلائڻُ.
White, clear, plain, distinct. अछो मुंहु थिअणु اڇو مُنهُن ٿِيڻُ v. n. To have a white mouth mocking beaten adversary.
Somewhat white.
A feast given to Fakirs and Brahmins.
A fool, blockhead.
Of a fool, foolish.
Choice, option, will.
Dejection, sadness, melancholy.
Sorrowful, sad, dejected, dispirited.
A kind of religious mendicant among the followers of Nanok Shah. s. f. Dejection, sadness.
Respect, politeness.
Green ginger amonum zinziber.
Toil, zeal, exertion.

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