Dictionary of English (Devnagri) to Sindhi (English To Sindhi)

The front, forepart, futurely. अग॒ते or अगु॒ते اڳتي يا اڳُتي in future. अग॒में or अगु॒में اڳ ۾ يا اڳُ ۾ tending acquaintance and so drawing out disclosure.
The collecting money.
Incalculable, countless, profound.
To chew the cud.
A collector of debts or small sums due by many parties.
A little in front, a little before, a little while ago.
To collect money, recover debts.
Circumvention, working round one to deceive.
A little in front, before or earlier, just now, a little ago.
Irregularly, in confusion, higgledy piggledy.
In front, in future.
The running string supporting drawers round the waist, tape.
A stepson.
Acting or talking extravagantly, intemperance in word or action.
Acting or talking extravagantly or violently, intemperance in word or action, to commit an excess and so producing a quarrel.
Before in time, formerly, first.
Superior, excellent, above, one who interrupts or pushes forward, one who commits an excess and so is in fault in a quarrel. adv. With intemperance or excess.
Superior, excellent, above, one who interrupts or pushes himself forward, one who commits and excess and so is in fault in a quarrel. adv. With intemperance or excess.
To be collected or recovered as money due.
Doll’s clothes.
One who goes in front, one who accompanies pilgrims to Hinglaj, a guide.
A rag, a piece of cloth, a patch, shred.
Patched, covered with patches.
A prediction.
Foresight, precaution.
To spring up, rise, shoot up.
Innumerable, incalculable.
A little while ago, just now.
The forepart, front, commencement.
In advance, before. अगु॒वार or अगुवाट वञणु اڳُوار يا اڳُواٽ وڃڻُ To go to meet any one.
A director, guide.
The foremost in anything, a guide.
Foresight, precaution.
Before, in front.
Priority, antiquity.
Prior, preceding, former, first.
Former, preceding, last, prior.
The name of one of the Muslim times of prayers, about one o’ clock m. m., the afternoon.
In front, before, further on, in advance, formerly, forward, onward.
At the same time, also, as well.
The ropes by which a horse is tied in front, the front part of the head above forehead, the forepart of any time or interval.
In front of, in presence of, before, than, in comparison with.
A step son.
A step daughter.
Out of place, not in order, irregularly.
Somewhat in front, a little before, or earlier, a little forward, sooner.
In front, before, in presence of.
Prior, preceding, first, former, last or next month &c., previous.
The name or title of a race, a family, a practice, habit.
A young crow.
God knows! I don’t know, perhaps.
To raise up a weapon for the purpose of striking with it, to threaten.
A reproach, taunt.
Of God, divine.
To speak.
A circular gallery round the inside of a dome.
Indifference, unconcern.
Thoughtless, regardless, inconsiderate, indifferent, unconcerned, unprejudiced.
Not to be found, unobtainable. Scarce, rare, irrecoverable.
One who has acquired a bad habit.
Tyranny, oppression, injustice.
To rush at one in a rage.
Ignorant, inexperienced, unlearned, a stripling.
To be loose or shaking as a tooth, post or such like, rickety.
Linseed, Linum Usitattissimum.
A species of Jawari Holcus Saccharatus.
Imperceptible, not to be understood.
With anxiety or disquietude of mind, anxious, solicitous.
Care, anxiety, grief.
Regardless, thoughtless, inconsiderate, indifferent, unconcerned, unprejudiced.
Disregardfulness, want of attention or thought, indifference.
Separate, distinct.
God, Allah
May God bless you! A farewell blessing.
imper. अलु or अलि الُ يا الِ To deny, not to acknowledge.
The west.
To lean on or against, to incline to one side, recline, tend. ِ
To descend, set as soon, dismount, disembark, light or slight.
Of the west, western, westerly.
a blessing or prayer for success May God guard you! Ro speed you! Farewell!
O! Bravo! Well done!
A spark.
A damascene Plum.
A kind of red cotton cloth.
An unwholesome mixture of food in eating, trash eaten by children.
Dead drunk, deeply intoxicated.
Slovenly, a Slovene.
Name of an ear ornament.
Having no salt, insipidity.
Without salt.
A kind of ear ornament.
A ravenous appetite, hunger, ravenousness.
A kind of bridle bit bent up in middle.
The girding a sword by a band over one shoulder and across body, a sword belt.
That cannot be affected by contact.
A whim, fancy, bound.

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