A Hand Book Of Sindhi Idioms (English To sindhi)

May you prosper!
To act contrary to practice; to have peculiar ways; to misbehave.
To act contrary to practice; to have peculiar ways; to misbehave.
To quarrel and separate; to be at daggers drawn.
To shed tears.
To treat with respect.
To dishonour.
He lost his honour, became disgraced.
He lost his honour, became disgraced.
To be disgraced, to have a blot on one’s character.
Long tale, fuss; tall story.
To remain idle. (lit: to yawn.)
To be puffed up with pride.
To brag, to boast.
It is as clear as day.
To do things off- hand (See اُٿامار تي هلڻ)
To succeed in a difficult matter; to do a Herculean task.
To make a false accusation.
To come down upon (one) suddenly; to accuse.
To dispase of (a daughter in marriage)
Tossing about, disordering.
To overflow, to become fat or bloated; to re-open (as a wound).
Manners, etiquette.(lit. rising up and sitting).
To do things off-hand. c.f. اِلهو ٻلهو ڪرڻ، اُڀامنديون چٽڻ، ادرگدر ڪرڻ.
To insist obstinately.
To kick with the hind legs, (like a donkey); to spurn, to reject with disdain.
To kick fortune.
A very small proportion.
Every one has common sense.
To be pulverized.
To break friendship (among children).
In a day or two, in the near future; soon.
To procrastinate, to put off from day to day.
Presently, soon.
To make it hot (for some one), to annoy.
Communication (lit: coming and going).
To be astonished.
Grey hair, (lit: white).
To become grey, to grow old.
Truth, to become known.
Have regard for (my) old age.
To put any thing in black and white (generally said of a false entry made in an account book, etc).
To become old without acquiring any experience.
i.e. I have experience.
Pure of heart.
An impulse of the mind.
To leap, to spout up (as water in a fountain).
Ungrateful. (syn: ڳڻچور، ڪرت گهن
The authorities.
To count for nothing.
To liquidate or pay one’s debt.
Most humble greetings;a form of address in writing.
To do things superficially (see اٿامار)
To rise (as the sun).
Half-finished, incomplete, imperfect.
To quarrel and separate (as brothers). N.B. It conveys the idea of dividing the joint property in halves.
Gain and loss.
To build a large structure; to commence to do something. (آڏاڻو a loom)
To come in the way of, to throw obstacles in one’s way.
To inherit a trait of character; atavism.
One who instigates others to quarrel.
Ease-loving, slothful.
A grievous offence.
Let his need be satisfied.
Waste of time, fiddling uselessly with things.
To humour (a child).
To brood (as a bird).
High- handedness; (اُرهه chest).
To be entrenched, to ambush.
To bring a false claim.
To drive the heels into an animal while riding; to spur.
Mysteriously, suddenly.
Per head
To iron
To establish, to set up.
Absurd or nonsensical talk.
To be very lofty (said of towers, mountains, &c.).
To be very lofty (said of towers, mountains, &c.).
To succeed in a difficult matter.
To praise very much, to laud to the skies.
To become ruined.
The more, in addition to, besides, again.
Subsistence not derived from any certain funds or depending on any particular person; precarious living.
One whose subsistence is fortuitous.
To be indifferent (as a trader).
Lit: to convert the white milk of a swallow-wort into black; to do something miraculous (nothing grand). Used ironically e.g.پڙهي اڪ ڪارا ڪيائين= پڙهي گهڻو سوجهرو ڪو نه ڪيائين or ڪو نه پڙهيو
To come out (as a word from the mouth.).
Cannot speak.
Charmed, fascinated, enamored, mad with love.
Lit: The eye. The bud of a plant; any small indentation or spot (as on dice).
To have a sore eye.
(1)   To have an evil eye.(2)   To wish-ill

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