Dictionary of Medical Science (English To Sindhi)

elder virgin girl, maiden
spasm, shooting of pain, stiffnes
hot fomentation physiotherapy
fatigue or weakness, paralysis of an organ
brittle or fragile bone, cartilage
syphilis, lues
knee, leg
adolescenting child, a pup
spot, speck, dot
spots, spoted, speckled, dotted, skin rashes
crown of skull, pate, baldness
illegitimate child
testicle, scrotum, scrotal, hernia or hyderocels
a man with big or swollen testicles
penis, phallus
child’s penis
function of arm and shoulder
crown, pate
incision, cut, vaccination, inoculation to lance
adolescent, pubcscent
oozing, leaking, dribbling
penetration, piercing, thrust
penetration wound or injury
maiming or crippling in arms and hands
tip of nose
an adolescent girl, now to wear three clothes, including mantila
the space between eye brows nasion
nursing care, attendance to patient
stool, excertion
a large louse
a knuckle of finger
hunchback, hump back
loin, the lower part of back, between the lower ribs and the ilac crest, immediately above the buttock
tuberculosis, consumption, koch’s lung disease
illegitimate child, a drop of semen
squint, strabismius, crossed eyes
invalid, paretic, paraplagic
nature disposition, temperament
tertian fever, malaria
examination, scrutinisation, testing, search, investigation
examination, scrutinisation, testing, search, investigation
detection, spying
magic, charm, spell, enchantment, sorcery ,bewitchment, curse, evileye, hex
twins born in same delivery
anxiety, worry, depression
awakening, awareness, conciousness, insomnia, sleeplessness, watching,vigilance
life, spirit, soul, breath, prana
instinct, innate nature, animal, instinct or nature
instinctive, innal
life, living organism
forehead, brow
thigh, knee
durability, retention of semen, extension of semen discharge time
body, soma, corpus
whim, caprice, impulse
cripple, invalid, feeble, weak, emaciated, helpless, sick, stupid, worth less, aged, maimed
invalidity, disability, crippleness, maiming, unworthiness
leprosy, lues
attraction, absorption
intense desire, ardent desire, passion, emotion, sentiment
bacteria, micro,organisms
surgery, surgical operation
flow, flux of blood, discharge, drip, prostaturia, secretion of prostate through urethra
root, radix [L], origin, basis
medicinal herb
body, soma, corpus
bodily, corporeal, carnal
concentration, deep absorption, meditation
liver, hepar [G]
purgation, purgative, aperient,laxative, julep
dropsy, ascites, anasarca, hydro peritoneum
sexual intercourse, coitus, concubitus, coition, copulation, sex
tranquility, serenity, peace of mind, life, body
clavicle, coller bone
genus, kind, gender, sex
birth, genesis
mania, undue, elation and pathological excitement, madness
anguish, bereavement, pain
lusty oozing or trickling of sexual secretion, sexual salivation or dribbling
stroke, possession by demon
scratch, bruise, abrasion
hunch, hump

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