Dictionary of Medical Science (English To Sindhi)

adomen, belly, womb
digestive juices
excrete, stool, shit
amoebic dysentry
foot, pes
old person, aged
to be pregnant
pain, anguish, trouble, distress, sickness, illness
voiding, micturation
forhead, brow
female genital organ, vulva
patch, graft
nursing, cherishing,care
side pull of an organ or a body part, squint
eye ball, iris with pupil
palate, soft palate, hard palate
ear clap
breast bone, sternum
fibre, fibril
fever, temperature, pyrexia
blisters around lips after fever, herpes simplex
physical examination palpation percussion auscultation
fever times or season
hot fomentation
experiment, test, trial
dissolution, digestion
seed, semen, sperm
mole, beauty spot
blistering of foot, foot, soring
pulve, powder
flvating black, eye speck, eye spot, ocular speck
callosity, due to friction of skin
a tattoo, tattooing
palm of hand, sole of foot
antidote, opium
nocturnal emission
restlessness, wriggling, uneasiness, longing, yearning
cramps, convulsions, spasm
gaze, stare, look
anxiety, worry
body, soma
reproduction, procreation, geniton
swaddling clothes of a baby
thread, fibre, fibril
healty, sound and sane
health, recovery
bunch or tuft of fibers, as muscle, tendon etc
to be wasted or amaciated
caruncle of eye
emaciated or wasted person
husk of corn or seed, given as medicine
energy, strength, power, health, robust health
fever, malaise, light fever, thirst
nursing care, attendance to patient
watery motion, diarrhoea
sulkiness, irascibility
disease prone, hospital bug
cooling, cooling agent
benumbed with cold, numbness, coagulation of blood
cut, wound, injury, burn, scar, blot, stain
healing of wound
cooling, be unconscious
knock, blow, slight injury
opening, aperture, flow of blood
space left after removal of tooth
stammering strutting, lisping
regurgitation of milk by baby
mother’s milk
to eradicate, to up root, to transplant
infantile eczema, skin crashes or lesens, vericles
frigid, cold, unconscious, senseless, dead burn scar
cow pox, rinderpest
crosseyes, squint, strabismus
shivening, frembling, shaking, tremors
clinical thermometer
urticaria, allergic rashes
buttock, lip, rump
spittle, saliva
breast, udder, dugs, mamma
oedema, welling
fatness, obesity
bridge of nose, nasal septum

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