Dictionary of Medical Science (English To Sindhi)

fistulainano, anal fistula
orbital fossae
eyelash, foreign body in eye
eye lash
without eye lashes
eye lash
assimilations of food
hemp, cannabis sativa, hashish, mariyuana cannabis Americana
watery motion, diarrhoea
nutritions dish of parched flour with nuts, gum, sugar candy fed to mother after parturition
dizziness, impulse, melancholia, whorl
fear, dread, fright, phobia
waist, lumber region
protuberant eyed
ear lobe
cast, mould
skin infections, pyoderma, pyodermia
the season of pyogenic skin or dermal infections
root, radix
radical operation, total eradication
one sided, unilateral
one side of body
a woman with milk production before delivery
the infection or sepsis of a wound
toes of foot
teethless person
intestine, gut, bowels, entrails
pupil of the eye
back, dorsum
back, posterior or dorsal aspect of body
back bone, vertrebral column, spine
a small, thin and weak child
a stone or calculus in urinary bladder, kidney or gall bladder, etc
extreme wasting or emaciation during illness
bandage, bandaging after dressing
bony frame work of the body, skeleton
mucous discharge of eyes, collected at corners
anorectal part, cut, crack
tail,sting, cut
the tail or caudal end of back bone, sacrum, coccyx
anorectal region
rectal prolapse
wrinkles on forehead
breath, life, etheceal energy
awareness, consciousness, wakefulness, wisdom, sazacity, advice, counseling, consolation
sense, comprehensives ,awareness, knowledge
cover, sheath, protection, screen, veil, curtain, preventives, shelter, skin, dermis, epidermis
thin curtain or screen, partition
gonorrhoea, a veneral or STD disease
abstinence in sickness
graying of hair in old age
caul, a baby born with unruptured amniotic membrane covering its head
abnormal eye lashes growing inside edge of eyelid, causing irritation from friction on eye ball, trichiasis 6
medicinal herbs
breath, respiration,prana,last breath
breast, mammary gland, bosom
sweat, perspiration
spittle, saliva
decotion, draught, potion
sepsis of wound, septic wound
foot, pes
sweat, prespiration
plaster, medicinal plaster
plague, black death, epidemic
all fingers of hand, all toes of feet, open hand, claw
a cripple with maimed upper and lower limbs
calf of leg
mother having first child promogenitus
pang, sharp pain
last breath or gasp
phalange, phalanx
whim, fancy, caprice
whimsical, capricious
full term pregnancy
skin, dermis, poppy
malarial fever
the miasma from damp marshy land causing malarial fever
caudalend, hinderpart, hollow, empty, space, hole, origice, pelvis, pelvic girdle
pus, purulent, discharge from septic wound
posterior or dorsal aspect of body, dorsum
purulent, putrid
deficiency, feebleness, sickness, illness
cotton pledget, cotton swab
a woman pregnant for the first time, primigravida

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