Dictionary of Medical Science (English To Sindhi)

to be confused or perplexed
oyster, bivalve, bicuspid
closing and shutting to an aperture or sphineter, stammering
stammerer, stroller, lisper
unconciousness, coma
twins, double, paired, bi valved, bi cuspid, bilayered
crop eared, without ears or tail
two adhered fingers, syndactyl
all 32 teeth, upper & lower in mouth’s denture
tweleve streams, mother’s milk
medicine of 32 ingredients fed to mother after parturition
seed, semen, sperm
constipation, hardening of stool
understanding, comprehension, sense
constipation, obstruction, occlusion, stenosis, arrest, stoppage, obstacle, bond, knot, stift, neck, coagulation
obstruction, occlusion, obstacle, stoppage
be obstructed, occluded, closed, stopped, arrested, impacted, bound, constipated
to understand, to comprehend, to sense
child, lad, boy, young, youth
child, baby, infant Infant, baby, child, pulp, wrist, hand
old age, senility
old man, senile
opaquebond,bondage, ligment
sense,reason, understanding,intelligence
intellect, sense of understanding
hole, burrow, sinus, fistula
fever, malaise
rashes in small pox
enlargement of spleen, splenitis,splenomegaly
down, rashes
sprinkling, sprinkling or dusting powder
hole, aperture
a large hole
fever, pyrexia
a person without arms or hands
the weal of injury by a rod or club
drop, dot, spot, speck
dot, zero, drop, mark
halfbreed, cross, hybrid
cropped ears
dandruff, scurf, sebheric, dermatitis
passage, gateway
spot, dot, speck
buttock, hip, rump, gluteal region
nipple of breast, spot, dot
drop, semen, sperm
splint to fix fracture of a bone
nipple of breast
bond, swaddling clothes of a baby
retention of semen
dot, spot, drop
bifacial, with two openings
big hole or wound
snout, lower part of the face
shutting the eyes
swoon, fainting, sinking
mucus in dysentery
powder, pulve
sleepiness, drowsiness, stupor
deep sleep
stone deaf
ignorant, fool, stupid, penis
squeezing of eyes or anal sphincter
semen, sperm
enlargement of lymph glands in neck, cervical lymphadenopathy, usually in TB
slice of meat
skin rashes in measles
fever coming on alternate days, after every 48 hours, tertian fever, malarial fever
awareness comprehensives, perception
sterile woman
dizziness, giddiness, vertigo
chest, thorax
to be swollen, edematons face
body without limbs
false labour pains
foreign body in eye
a large hole
eye brows
doubt, fear, delusion, apprehension
ciliary arch, the bone prominence under eye brow, superior orbital margin
eye brow
full term pregnancy
8th or 9th month of pregnancy
dry cough without expectaration or sputum, eg bhooping cough
powder, pulve
fracture of a bone

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