Dictionary of Medical Science (English To Sindhi)

scapula, shoulder blade, scapular pain
breath, breathing, flatulence, wind, sexual desire, lust
molar teeth, double teeth, grinders, dicupid teeth
senses, sensibility, alertness, awakening, conciousness
healthy, physically fit, happiness, pleasure
fear, dread, terror, worry
happiness, gladness
gasping, panting
a disease of digestive system
lower jaw, mandible
addiction, drug abuse
drug addict, drug, user, Du, IDU
weakness, deficurency
wind, flatulence, fancy, delusion, rheumatism
mouth, orifice, orificium [L], opening, os [L]
buccal ulceration, thrush stomavis, candidiasis, moniliasis, aphthae aphthon stomatitis
regurgitaton, vomiting
ptyalin, enzyme amylase present in saliva
inexperienced, immature, green born
oral, buccal
angle of mouth
palsy, facial paralysis
silly woman, foolish
injured, wounded, cut
grey hair, white hair, experienced, mature
alopecia areata, fox-mange
atlas, first cervical vertebra
intermittent or tertian fever, malaria
incense, jumigation
prevalence, of disease or odour, spread of disease
possession, haunting
sterile, barren
rolling or waddling gait
sharp painful spasms
be sick
stupid, blockhead, confused, bewildered, feeble
corneal opacity
flatulence, rheumatism, corpulence
rheumatic pain, rheumatisim, rheumatoid arthritis
globus hystericus, feeling of lump in the throat, occurs, in hysteria, anxiety or depression
endemic, epidemic, pandemic, pestilence, like plangue or cholera
trouble, distress, nuisance, disease
ecstacy, repture, transport, frenzy
knowledge, science, skill, remedy
centre, middle, mid, midst, centrosome, nucleus, navel, umbilicus, waist, strength, energy, secret
infections or contagious disease
middle, central, centeric
middle finger
foot-ache, pesalgia
cut, incision
pricks of conscience
dissection, surgery, surgical operation
agonizing, pain, sherp cutting pain, incisive pain, sharp apasmodic pain in abdomen
defect deficiency
maiden, nubile, marriageable
old man
big, large, tall, huge, superior, senior, elder, grand, adult
large bewel or intestine
whooping cough
rapidly growing child
turn, twist, bend, curve, curl, coil, convolution, circuit, winding,centertion, crook, fold
burrow,sinus, fistula
convoluted, twisted,curved, curled, coiled, bent, in voluted, entwined, contorted, crooked, folded, serpentine
recovery, from illness
curved, coiled, convoluted, in voluted
dysentery, spasmice motions
cauterization moxibustion
elder, old, senile
physical exercise, atheletics, gymnastics
swelling, inflammation
closure of pierced hole in ear lobe & nasal ala
a bhorl of hair on head or body
search, quest, investigation, detection
power, control, sway, authority, reach
poisonous, venom, toxin [G], virus [L]
sinking, exhaustion synope, asthenia, weakness, collapse
tension, confussion
venomous, poisonous, tixic, lethal, virulent
apprehension,lurking, fear, temptation, bosesession
forgetfulness,simplicity, guilelenness
death, demise
delirium, raving, dreamy or sleepy talk
cognition, awarness, under standing
muscle sheath, groin, ghigh
jestering, suppuration of wound

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