Dictionary of Commerce and Banking (English To Sindhi)

Velocity, potential
Velocity, price
Velocity, ratio
Velocity, reaction
Velocity, variable
Vendibility marginal
Venture capital
Vertical axis
Vertical combination
Vertical expansion
Vertical integration
Vertical merger
Vertical mobility
Vertical trust
Vertical union
Village economy
Violent fluctuation
Visible balance
Visible exports imports
Visible trade
Vital statistics
Vocational guidance
Vocational training
Void contract
Volume of production
Volume of sales
Volume of trade
Voluntary arbitration
Voluntary investment
Voluntary saving
Voluntary trust
Voluntary unemployment
Vulgar economics
Wage adjustment
Wage board
wage ceiling
Wage control policy
wage costs variable
Wage differentials
Wage dividend
Wage earner
Wage earning class
Wage, fixed
Wage goods
Wage hour law
Wage incentives
Wage index
Wage level
Wage line
Wage patterns
Wage policy
Wage productivity relationship
Wage rate
Wage restraint
Wage rigidity
Wages fund theory
Wages, indirect
Wages, living
Wages, maximum
Wages, money
Wages, nominal
Wages of management
Wages, piece
Wages, real
Wages, sliding scale of
Wages stabilization
Wages standard
Wages structure
Waiver clause
Wants creation
Wants, double coincidence
Wants, insatiable
Wants, satiable
War bonus
War economy
Ware house
Ware house, bonded
Ware house warrant
War finance
War inflation
Warrant, dividend
Warrant, docks
Waste book
Waste product
Wasting assets
Water supply
Water ways

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