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About Dictionaries - ڊڪشنرين بابت

Sindhi Language Authority has been publishing the various dictionaries based on professional, dialectical, literary and lexicography from English to Sindhi or Sindhi to Sindhi for promoting and optimal usage of Sindhi languages in daily life. In this portal following dictionaries are merged in digital format with state of art and edge of technology for easy accessing to the users.

Jamai Sindhi Lughat جامع سنڌي لغات – (Three volumes)
Volume 1. ISBN: 9698194343
Volume 2. ISBN: 9698194665
Volume 3. ISBN: 9698194908
Compiled by: Dr. Nabi Bux Khan Baloch, published by Sindhi Language Authority. These volumes are comprised more than 80632 entries of typical and daily usage words, in this portal the system has developed to show results in reverse search too, so the entries in the database are 161264 words.

Phulwari ڦلواڙي – (Sindhi Provers & Idioms)
This is compiled by Mohammad Siddique Mangio and published by Sindhi Language Authority in 2015.
ISBN: 9789696250180
In this book there are 2433 the most famous proverbs of Sindhi Language spoken in every part of daily life.

A Dictionary of Sindhi (including Devanagri) to English compiled by Capt. George Stack first published in 1849. Reproduced by Sindhi Language Authority in 2010.
ISBN: 9789699098420
This is noted that this dictionary is one of the oldest dictionaries of South Asian languages which had been compiled by a British man. Then Sindhi Language Authority has decided that this must be transliterated for better understanding to old concepts and language structure in 19th century. The transliteration has been made by Prof. Mohsin Abbasi & Ms. Parsa Rizvi and finally edited by Dr. Fahmida Hussain the then chairperson of SLA. Total entries are in this dictionary are 33100 words.

Dictionary of Commerce & Banking (English to Sindhi) Compiled by Syed Hakim Ali Shah Bukhari & Mohammad Usman Memon and finally edited by: Dr. Ishaq Ahmed Ansari published by SLA in 2001.
ISBN: 9789699098185
Entries in this professional dictionary are comprised on 16000 words related with Business, economy and financial professions.

Dictionary of Geography (English to Sindhi), compiled by Mr. Rizwan Gul and published by Sindhi Language Authority in the year 2012.
ISBN: 9789699098680
This professional dictionary has 4616 entries in reverse mode.

Dictionary of Print Technology (English to Sindhi): This is compiled by Mr. Ameen Laghari, published by Sindhi Language Authority in the year 2007.
ISBN: 9698194819
This dictionary has been produced for the students of Journalism Mass Media and Communications. The entries in this dictionaries are 8750 of professional terms.

Dictionary of International Relations (English to Sindhi): Compiled by Mr. Inam Shaikh & published by Sindhi Language Authority in the year 2012.
ISBN: 9789699098833
This dictionary was developed for the students and related personals of Political Science, International relations, political workers and NGO related professionals. Total entries in this dictionary are 2562 in reverse form.

Dictionary of Haematology (English to Sindhi). This is compiled by Prof. Rasheeda Bhatti & published by Sindhi Language Authority in the year 2010.
ISBN: 9789699098512

This professional dictionary is very much helpful for the students of medicines and surgery as well as Haematology. Total word list and even in details are 10330.

Medical Dictionary (Sindhi to English): This dictionary been compiled by Dr. Ashique Hussain Badvi and published by Sindhi Language Authority in the year 2015.
ISBN: 9789696250166
This dictionary has about 5474 entries with details.

Dictionary of Official Terms (English to Sindhi): This is compiled by Mr. Khalid Azad & Mr. Khan Mohammad Jarwar, published by Sindhi Language Authority in the year 2009.
ISBN: 9789699098130
This dictionary is helpful for all officials of corporate industry or government organizations. In this dictionary there are 88284 terms with details numbers.

English Sindhi Dictionary This is compiled by Mr. Abdul Hussain Memon revised by Dr. Fahmida Hussain, second edition published by Sindhi Language Authority in the year 2014.
ISBN: 9789696250128
This pocket sized dictionary has 44406 entries.
This is aim of SLA that even forthcoming dictionaries which are in publishing process will be added in this up to date portal of Sindhi Dictionaries.
A Hand Book of Sindhi Idioms With English renderings and equivalents, compiled by: M. J. Shahani published in 2012.
ISBN: 9789699098901
There are more than 3000 idioms in this dictionary.
This is aim of SLA that even forthcoming dictionaries which are in publishing process will be added in this up to date portal of Sindhi Dictionaries.
Dictionary of Literary Phrases: A Sindhi Language Literature Dictionary Compiled by Mukhtiar Ahmed Mallah, this dictionary covers, In Prose: Novel, Drama, story, Tale, Narrative, Travelogue, Autobiography, and others, in Poetry: Ghazal, Poem, Kafi, Vaaie, Masnavi and others are covered.
ISBN is 978-969-625-035-7 Published in March 2015, Price is PKR: 500 Published by: Sindhi Language Authority Hyderabad Sindh.

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اسم خاص. هالا ۽ نوشهري تعلقن ۾ ديهن جو نالو.

Let's Learn Sindhi

اڄ جو پهاڪو

راڄَ جي رضا آهي ته مُلهه ڏجي مَتاري کي.

رضا = مرضي، ارادو، رضامنديمتارو= نالو ماڻهو جو.غلط فيصلو پر گهڻن جي صلاح ۽ اڪثريتي راءِ سان.مثال: ”جا ساڌن جي، سا پئنچن جي.“ (پهاڪن جي حڪمت 71)

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